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Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A psycho-social intervention that focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems.

Mindfulness-based Therapy

A modified form of cognitive therapy that incorporates mindfulness practices such as meditation and breathing exercises. Using these tools,  clients are taught how to break away from negative thought patterns so they will be able to fight off depression before it takes hold.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Is based on the idea that behavior and mental well-being are influenced by childhood experiences and inappropriate repetitive thoughts or feelings that are unconscious. The client works with the therapist to improve self-awareness and change old patterns so they can more fully take charge of their life.

Somatic Psychotherapy

This therapy technique sees that traumatic experiences can become locked in the body and manifest in physical and mental health issues. This is because the traumatic experience became part of the architecture of the brain. Combined with Mary Bright's methods can help to create healthier neural connections, which leads to real and lasting change.

My Approach

Through the use of a comprehensive method of somatic psychotherapy, physical and emotional pain is repaired by tapping into the mind-body connection. This method empowers my clients by freeing them of their emotional and psychological blocks caused by unresolved issues experienced in childhood and beyond.

Good relationships are essential to good health. This method focuses on enhancing existing relationships and creating new, lasting, wholesome connections. These techniques are effective with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

If you would like to see your overall health and the quality of your relationships improve, this is your opportunity to explore and experience all of the benefits from this innovative method.

To learn more, please visit my Psychology Today profile.

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My Approach

Ms. Mary Bright went above and beyond to personalize my treatment


Ms. Mary has compassion and care for [her patients] and [their] treatment.

Mary is polite, professional, and caring. The addition of meditation was by far the best [treatment] that I have ever had.

I truly believe that the quality of the services provided were fantastic.

Mary Bright is an exceptional therapist.

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